Features Focus


Perfect Parameters In Your Hand

Digi-Mig™ Air-Cooled
Pre-set welding programmes called up, adjustments made whilst “on-arc”, saved if needed, simple.
Infinite adjustments of weld conditions including amperage, voltage, arc length and wire speed, thanks to the patented Digi-Mig™ control and Digi-novos© software system.
Grip it
Soft‘grips’ to keep it where its needed
Screw loose
Not on this handle
Hook up
Off the ground safe and sound
Knuckle joints for precision movement
“Plug and play”
Standard and extended triggers exchanged in seconds
Rubber cable systems, never too hot to handle it
Suregrip™ welding tools,,when productivity counts.
Digi-Mig™ Water-Cooled
High Capacity
Dual flow channels for extra power
Superflex all rubber Water-Cooled cable systems, never too hot to handle it
Signal control
All electronic signals controlled through standard spring pins
Infinite adjustability “on-arc”
All modules fully interchange at point of sale
The brains inside the brawn