Features Focus

Suregrip™ BZL

Welding Tools For The Professional

Suregrip™ Air-Cooled
Spares and wears
Interchangeability guaranteed
Grip it
Soft‘grips’ to keep it where its needed
“Plug and play”
In 5 seconds - try it
Screw loose
Not on this handle
Small movements, on and on.. and on
Hook up
Off the ground safe and sound
Suregrip™,, when productivity counts.
Suregrip™ Water-Cooled
High Capacity
Dual flow channels for extra power
Rubber cable systems, never
too hot to handle it
Housings and supports
Combine the tough and the
In and out
Spring pins just keep going
Superflex all rubber Water-Cooled cable systems, never too hot to handle it
Blocked up
No thank you